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Why Choose us

Why Choose Us

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

Our staff physician and RNs perform complimentary in home assessments.  If you or your loved are in need of homecare services do not delay.  Call today to arrange your free assessment. 703-595-2878

Physician Owned and Operated

Brighthope Homecare is a physician owned and operated homecare agency.  Our clients have 24/7  direct access to a physician and other health professionals who can quickly address their questions or concerns.  We are able to refer our clients to area specialists and provide them with community based resources to help them thrive and stay engaged.

Focus on the 4 R’s

Brighthope Homecare goes above and beyond providing basic personal and companion care.  We focus on:

    Preventing Re-hospitalization: In the United States, 23% of patients discharged from the hospital to the nursing home get readmitted in 30 days.  However, with our physician owned agency this percentage is drastically decreased.  Our caregivers meet the client in the hospital and review the discharge instructions in depth and make sure their plan of care is fully implemented. Our caregivers address parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight fluctuations, temperature, and oxygen requirements.
    Prevent Re-injury: One in four Americans over the age of 65 fall each year.  Falls can cause severe debilitation and can even be fatal.  Our caregivers do complete safety inspections of our clients home to make sure hazards do not exist.  We also incorporate strengthening exercises for clients who need more assistance.
    Retarding Disease Progression: Many seniors have chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, COPD, and heart failure.  Our staff are well trained and informed to monitor these conditions and stabilize them.
    Reconciling Medications: Seniors often mistakenly take the wrong medication, the wrong dose, or the incorrect frequency especially after hospital discharge.  Our caregivers are trained to reconcile medications to ensure our clients are taking the correct medication, dose, and frequency of it. Improper use of medications can cause catastrophic consequences.  With an average of 14 prescriptions filled per year reconciliation is crucial.

Recruiting & Hiring

We have one of the most rigorous hiring standards of any in-home care company in the region. Our caregivers undergo extensive screening, multiple interviews, and staff evaluations before becoming part of the Brighthope homecare team. We accept fewer than 1 in 10 candidates as Brighthope caregivers.

Our caregivers are highly trained

We conduct all of our comprehensive training in-house and utilize a variety of professional resources to ensure that our caregivers have the training they need to serve our clients effectively. We have partnered with the Institute of Professional Care Education (IPCED) to provide a more comprehensive set of training courses to our caregivers and to customize our training based on specific clients’ needs.

Operational Excellence

We believe that success doesn’t necessarily come from breakthrough innovation, but rather from flawless day-to-day execution. We have implemented countless checks, balances, and specific procedures to ensure that our daily operations runs smoothly and efficiently.

Fully bonded, licensed and insured

Our caregivers are licensed, insured and bonded.

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If you want to learn more about how we could be of help to you or your loved one, schedule a meeting, request our portfolio, know our pricing, learn how to become a client, let us know of any suggestions or simply say Hi, please feel free to contact us!

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