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How Do You Know if It’s Alzheimer’s or Simply Age?

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | November 07, 2018

Senior Care in Vienna VA: Alzheimer's or Simply Age


Your mom forgot where she put her glasses. They’re on top of her head. Is that a sign of Alzheimer’s or not? Take time during National Alzheimer’s Disease Month to uncover the facts about the early stages of Alzheimer’s.


#1 – Memory Loss

Memory loss is an early warning sign. It’s often not as simple as forgetting where an item is. If your mom forgot where her car keys are, that can simply be a sign of aging or forgetfulness. If she forgot she had a doctor’s appointment and forgot she even scheduled it, that’s a little more concerning. It’s worth seeing a doctor.

Your dad can’t find his wallet. After searching for an hour, you find it inside the freezer. That’s an indicator that Alzheimer’s is present.


#2 – Unpaid Bills and Late Notices

Your dad is paying bills late. He might be making payments on a credit card that has a zero balance and paying too little on his electricity bill. He paid his entire car loan balance and didn’t have the funds, so his check bounced. These are signs that something is wrong.


#3 – Asking the Same Question Over and Over

You arrive to take your mom to lunch. You ask her if she wants to go try a new seafood restaurant. She says it sounds great and goes to get her jacket. When she returns, she asks you where you want to go to lunch. Repeating the same questions over and over is an early indicator of Alzheimer’s.


#4 – Mood Swings Happen Regularly

Your dad is generally a happy, upbeat person. He’s been getting snappy with you recently. You don’t know why. Minutes later, he’s fine again. Personality changes can indicate a lot of things. It could be depression, stress, or the early stages of Alzheimer’s.


#5 – Getting the Day Started Takes Twice as Long

You arrive a little early to spend the day with your mom. She’s still in bed. You make coffee and wait. She gets up and her shower is longer than usual. You hear her brush her teeth twice and flush the toilet multiple times.

When it takes longer than usual to do something routine, it can be an early warning sign. Again, it’s a good idea to address your concerns with your mom’s doctor.

If it is Alzheimer’s, home care will become necessary. The earlier stages are relatively easy to handle. Your mom won’t need much help. As she progresses into the mid and late stages of Alzheimer’s, she will need help with independent activities of daily living and activities of daily living.


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