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Three Changes Doctor’s Urge for Patients Who Need to Improve Cardiovascular Health

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | February 08, 2018

Senior Care Fairfax VA: Cardiovascular Health

Based on 2015 CDC statistics, approximately 60 percent of all cases of heart disease occur in men and women age over the age of 64. To protect the cardiovascular system, doctors urge three lifestyle changes.


-Exercise 30 Minutes or More at Least Five Days a Week

Doctors recommend getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. While daily exercise is ideal, it’s urged that seniors exercise at least five days per week. A lack of physical exercise impacts cardiovascular health, so seniors need to get up and move.


-Moderate exercise is the goal.

Seniors need to get the heart pumping. A brisk walk, Zumba, aerobics, and swimming are all ideas of what seniors can do to get enough daily exercise. They may have to break exercise into smaller sessions. If 30 minutes isn’t possible at once, a 10-minute walk in the morning, afternoon, and evening provides the full half hour.


It’s best to mix up the types of exercise.

Seniors can swim twice a week, walk twice a week, and take one Zumba class per week. If there is room to workout all seven days in a week, a pattern of three days of swimming, two different fitness classes, and two days of walking is one way to get a variety of exercises.


-Cut Excess Sugar and Fat From the Diet


-Diet is important for heart health.

Many doctors advise patients to follow a plan like the Mediterranean Diet or the DASH Diet. The goal is to cut unnecessary fats and sugars from the diet. Healthier oils like olive oil are okay in moderation. Sugary foods with no nutritional benefit have to go.

Both the Mediterranean and DASH diets focus on lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and whole grains. A glass of red wine is acceptable on the Mediterranean Diet. Processed foods are not allowed as they’re usually high in sugar, sodium, and chemical preservatives.


-Stop Smoking

For seniors who smoke, doctors urge them to stop. There are patches, nicotine gum, and other smoking cessation aids that can help. Within hours of quitting, health starts to improve in small ways. In a matter of hours, carbon monoxide levels decline. In days, nerves start to heal and the sense of smell and taste improve. Within weeks, the lungs work more effectively. Within a year or two of quitting, heart health improves.


How can senior care help?

When cardiovascular health is affected, your parent may need help with daily activities of living. Your mom or dad may find it hard to get up and down stairs with a heavy laundry basket. Remembering to take heart medications may pose a challenge. Cooking healthy meals may be difficult. This is why caregivers are so helpful.

Caregivers help with more than housework. They can offer rides to appointments, prepare meals, or make sure your parent gets enough daily exercise. Discover other benefits to caregivers by calling a home care agency now.


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