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What Can Senior Care Do for Your Aging Parent After They Suffer a Stroke?

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | May 17, 2018

Senior Care in Annandale VA: Senior Stroke Care


Nearly 800,000 people throughout the United States each year experience a stroke, and of those, approximately 130,000 will die.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability among adults and the fifth leading cause of death in the country. Those who suffer a stroke are at dramatically increased risk of suffering another, with the risk of serious consequences increasing with each subsequent stroke. These statistics can be daunting, but as a family caregiver, they should illuminate just how important it is for you to give your senior the care they need immediately after they suffer a stroke. The care you offer, and the support you give, will make a tremendous difference in how well your parent is able to recover, and their health and well-being moving forward. While there are many things you can do to help your parent after they suffer a stroke, one of the most effective can be starting senior care for them.


Some of the ways a senior home care services provider can help your parent after they suffer a stroke include:

Ease the transition from hospital to home.

Many people who suffer strokes remain in the hospital for a time, for the initial recovery period. When they are strong enough, they will be able to return home, but the transition can be difficult. Your parent, and you, are accustomed to dedicated care, and then they are suddenly back in their own home away from this care. A senior care provider can simplify and streamline this transition so both of you feel more confident about your senior heading home


Support that allows your parent to rest.

Recovering from a stroke is exhausting, and your parent will need all the energy possible to allow their body to heal. A senior care provider being in the home with them means that the care provider can help handle the many tasks that need to be done throughout the home, such as doing dishes and tidying up. This means your parent can rest, not over-exert themselves, and still enjoy the benefits of a clean, fresh home


Medication and guideline compliance.

Your parent may be prescribed medications to help them with their recovery from their stroke and to protect their health to reduce their risk of a future stroke. They will also receive guidelines and instructions from their doctor for how to best recover, and how to protect their health moving forward. A senior care provider can provide medication reminders and support healthy lifestyle choices to keep them compliant. This compliance gives your parent the best chances of getting the benefits their doctor intends


Emotional support and companionship.

Many people who suffer a stroke go through depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation and loneliness during their recovery. This can lead to many negative consequences, and reduce their focus on healing and recovery. Dedicated companionship can also encourage your aging parent to move forward with a healthier, more active, and more fulfilling lifestyle after their recovery

If your aging loved one has recently suffered a stroke, or if they have specific risk factors that increase the risk that they will suffer a stroke, now may be the ideal time for you to consider senior care for them. Recovering from a stroke can be extremely challenging, and the services of a senior home care services provider along with the care and support you give to your parent can help to make this process smoother, less stressful, and more beneficial. A senior care provider can assist your parent through their recovery in many ways, improving their health and easing your stress. This care provider can give your loved one companionship and emotional support that can help them to handle the difficult effects of a stroke, enabling them to feel more motivated and ready to move forward. They can also provide assistance with tasks throughout the home that can allow your parent to get the rest they need to relax, rest, and heal. As well as the support to make good lifestyle choices, stay compliant with medications and guidelines, and improve their health as they move past their stroke.

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