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How Can You Get Past Embarrassment When Helping Your Senior Bathe?

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | May 03, 2018

Homecare in Arlington VA: Helping Your Senior Bathe


When the time comes for you to start bathing your aging adult, it can be difficult for both of you. Neither of you might know how to really proceed from here and that can make the entire situation tense.


Talk to Her about the Process

Before you ever attempt to get your senior into the tub, talk about what is going to happen. Explain what you’re thinking and let her know how you expect things to go. This can help to put your elderly family member at ease about what is going to happen from start to finish, well before you start actually running water and taking clothes off.


Ask Your Senior What She Needs to Feel Comfortable

Once you run through the process, ask your elderly family member what she’s thinking. She may have some contributions to your process that you haven’t thought about. She may also have some very specific requests that will help her to feel a lot more comfortable with you helping her to bathe.


Use Towels and Washcloths as Modesty Shields

Towels and washcloths are tools in the bathing process, of course, but you can expand their usage. Set aside one towel for drying and then use one or more to help preserve your senior’s modesty. As she becomes more comfortable, larger washcloths may also be able to do the job. The key here is that you want your senior to feel taken care of, not exposed.


Keep Your Sense of Humor and Your Compassion Handy

Two things are going to serve you well as you and your elderly family member both adjust to this new bathing process. Your sense of humor is going to allow you to keep the mood light and to help your senior find the sense of fun in this. Your compassion is going to help you to remember that this is difficult for your elderly family member. It’s vital that you keep both of these items at your side when you tackle bathing your elderly family member. You’ll make better decisions when you’re compassionate and find the gentle humor in the situation.

For some aging adults and caregivers, bathing is something that just never becomes comfortable. You might want to consider hiring elderly care providers to help. Oddly enough, having a professional there to help can make things go so much more smoothly and it can be less embarrassing for everyone involved.


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