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Benefits of Home Care: Helping Your Senior with Dishes

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | January 09, 2019

Homecare in Alexandria VA: Benefits of Home Care

Whether you have been caring for your aging parent for some time or are just getting started on your caregiver journey, a phrase you have likely heard many times is activities of daily living (ADL’s).

This refers to the basic tasks people complete on a daily basis in the course of regular life. Completing these tasks is considered the core of functioning and necessary for health and well-being. Unfortunately, many elderly adults struggle with challenges and limitations that keep them from being able to fulfill these ADLs as effectively as they did when they were younger.

As a family caregiver, helping your parent to find ways to get these tasks done helps them continue to age-in-place while maintaining health and well-being. While you could take them on yourself, entrusting them to a home care provider may be a better option. Not only does this open up your schedule and allow you to focus your energy and attention in more effective ways, but it also grants your parent a greater sense of control, independence, and autonomy in their life.

One such activity of daily living is doing the dishes.

This is a task that you likely do every day without even thinking much about it. For a senior, however, standing at the sink or loading the dishwasher might be too physically taxing for them to accomplish on their own. An in-home senior care services provider can help your parent to manage this task in a way that is supportive and personalized to your senior’s needs, including:

-Putting dishes in the sink for your senior

-Washing dishes

-Loading and unloading the dishwasher

-Washing dishes so your parent can rinse and dry them

-Handing your parent dishes out of the dishwasher so your parent can put them away

Helping your parent organize their dishes so they are easily accessible, such as arranging them on the counter rather than putting them in the cabinet

Having to always rely on you to help them with their daily needs can be frustrating for your elderly adult. As their family caregiver, you are happy to provide what they need, but you also want them to live their best life. This means giving them more independence and autonomy, and helping them to experience as much versatility and fulfillment in their life as they can.

Bringing home care into their daily routine can make this possible for them. An in-home senior care services provider offers support that allows your loved one to take more control of their life while managing their needs in the ways that are right for them. This can mean safe and reliable transportation that lets them run their own errands, stay active, and participate in the community around them.

It can also mean helping them to modify daily tasks to better suit their challenges and limitations or medication reminders to keep them compliant. This is meaningful not just to your parent, but also to you as you experience less stress and a greater sense of confidence in their health, safety, and quality of life.

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