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Four Techniques to Help a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | December 05, 2018

Home Care in Woodbridge VA: Help Seniors with Alzheimer's



Dealing with the daily challenges of Alzheimer’s disease is not easy for you or for your aging family member.
Using some of these techniques can help your senior to feel more supported. You can shorten the learning curve by hiring home care providers, too.


Grounding Her in Reality

Reality can be difficult for your senior to manage when she’s got Alzheimer’s disease. It’s easy for her to forget what day it is or what time of year it is. Having periodic reminders, such as through a note on the kitchen table each day with the day and the date can help quite a bit. Home care providers can show you how to work these little hints into each day, too.


Schedule Management

Sometimes of the day are better for certain activities than other times are. Your elderly family member might be a little more lucid in the morning, for instance. But if she does too much during those times, she can wear herself out later and that can create an energy imbalance that’s difficult to overcome. How you manage your elderly family member’s activities throughout the day can help her to manage her energy effectively.


Patience During Activities

Signs of impatience, like rushing your elderly family member or pressuring her, can create a lot of stress for her. When you can build her routines so that your senior and you feel comfortable and relaxed, that does both of you so much good. Your senior didn’t choose for her brain to change in the ways that it’s changing, so it helps to remember that when you’re feeling a little less patient.


Simplifying and Safeguarding Her Environment

Safety is one of the biggest concerns you’re likely to have for your aging family member. Alzheimer’s disease complicates the entire situation because you’re going to need to think about safety in different ways. Securing knives and chemicals in the kitchen, for instance, can be crucial. As can reducing clutter as much as you can. Home care providers can help you to see the situation more clearly and find ways to make the environment much safer.

Using these techniques and others that you learn as a caregiver can help you to reduce your senior’s stress levels and experience a better quality of life overall. Even as her Alzheimer’s disease progresses, she can still have a measure of peace when everything around her feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar.


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