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How to Split up Your Caregiving Responsibilities

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | March 07, 2019

Home Care in Springfield VA: Caregiving Responsibilities

As much as you might want to, it may not be possible to handle everything involved in caregiving on your own. You do need down-time and you may have other responsibilities, too. That means you need to figure out how to split up your caregiving responsibilities with other folks.

Determine Your Limits

Everyone has limits, but you might not consciously realize what those limits are. What can you mentally, physically, and emotionally handle when it comes to caregiving? When you have an understanding of where your limits are, you can make better decisions for both yourself and your aging adult. Start paying attention to when you’re the most frustrated or irritated. That’s an indication that you’re near your limit.

Also Look at What You Don’t Enjoy

You don’t enjoy every single thing about being a caregiver. There are definitely some tasks or aspects of caregiving that take more time or energy than you want to devote to them. You don’t have to enjoy everything about being a caregiver, but you can delegate those parts that you don’t enjoy. When senior care providers come in to handle cooking for your senior, for instance, you know that she’s eating nutritious meals but you do not have to make them. This frees you up for other activities that you enjoy more.

Factor in Your Senior’s Needs

Keep all of your senior’s needs in mind while you’re splitting up these tasks. For instance, if she’s constantly back seat driving when you take her places, then it might be a good idea that you don’t do the driving for her anymore. But she still needs to go places. Hiring senior care providers to tackle the driving ensures that you and your senior don’t have the stress of riding together in the car, but she’s still mobile.

It’s not a Failing to Need Extra Hands on Deck

Many caregivers worry that they’re failures if they’re not handling every single aspect of caregiving themselves. That’s not the case. You’re still an effective caregiver, even if you’re just the person helping to make decisions in the background. Ultimately you have to make caregiving work for both you and for your elderly family member.

You can try handling everything involved in caregiving on your own, but you really don’t have to. When you’re willing to split up your caregiving duties, you can delegate them to other people who also care about your senior’s well-being. This gives you a chance to have time and energy for yourself, too.

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