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Top Tips for Keeping Seniors Comfortable in Cold Weather

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | January 18, 2019

Home Care Services in Springfield VA: Winter Weather Tips

Whether it’s indoors or out, extreme winter weather has a way of making elderly adults miserable. Family caregivers and home care providers have a duty to ensure the aging adult is comfortable, safe and not exposed to the harsher aspects of winter. When the aging adult is so dependent on their family and home care providers for daily tasks, they don’t have much say in how they are cared for.

With some planning and extra attention, family caregivers and home care providers can prepare seniors for winter weather and ensure they are comfortable and healthy no matter what.

Prevent Chapped Lips

One of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to an elderly adult in winter weather is developing chapped lips. Not only do lips get dry and cracked in these conditions, seniors often cannot help it and lick the lips to make them feel temporarily better. Unfortunately, licking the lips dries them out even more. If an elder adult has problems with chapped lips, there are plenty of wonderful and effective lip balms on the market that can help. Home care providers can apply it to the lips before heading out for extra protection from exposure.

Clothing Layers

The secret to staying comfortable in winter is wearing layers of clothing. Seniors who need assistance in getting dressed should be dressed in something soft next to the skin, then long and loose clothes on top of that. This way, elderly adults can add or take off layers depending on where they are and what temperatures they are exposed to. The material should be soft and warm, like cotton. Family caregivers shouldn’t forget the feet and ensure the senior wear warm socks throughout the day.

Avoid Dry Skin

With the skin being exposed to fluctuating temperatures and forced air, it’s not a surprise when than elderly person suffers from dry skin. Rashes and breakouts can also happen when seniors are exposed to rough fabric on their thin skin. Dry skin can be unhealthy as well as quite itchy and that can make elderly adults quite uncomfortable. To lock in moisture, senior may need help applying a good moisturizer to the skin after they shower or bathe. They can also use the moisturizer as needed during the day to keep their skin soft.

Outdoor Protection

While some adults can afford to underdress in winter weather, seniors absolutely must be protected from it. The first place to start is with a good coat that blocks out wind but isn’t too bulky, so the elderly adults can move unrestricted. Sturdy shoes with non-skid soles can help seniors navigate the ice and snow on the paths. Gloves and a hat complete the ensemble and provide much needed warmth and protection for the aging adult. Some also like to use a scarf wrapped loosely on the lower half of the face to block the wind and add another warm layer.

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