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Seven Types of Routines You Might Want to Include in Your Senior’s Day

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | June 20, 2018

Home Care in Mclean VA: Routines for Your Senior


Many people believe that routines are boring, but they can be the key to helping your elderly family member get the enrichment and joy that she needs in her life.


Wakeup Routines

Waking up around the same time every day helps to give your elderly family member a pattern that is easy for her to follow. It can also help to improve her sleep patterns because she has a wake-up time. Your senior’s wakeup routine might even include easing into her day with some gentle stretches.


Bathing and Grooming Routines

Another gift that routines offer to your senior is that she’s not missing anything that she would normally do. In terms of bathing and grooming, your elderly family member can be more certain that she’s handling everything from showering to putting on the right clothes for the day. Easing from the wakeup routine into the grooming routine gives your senior’s morning a natural flow.


Mealtime Routines

As your elderly family member grows older, her appetite might change. She might find that it’s easier to “forget” to eat, which can be damaging to her health. Having a routine for meals can help your elderly family member remember to eat the healthy foods that she needs.


Exercise Routines

When your elderly family member has a routine for exercising, she can get in there and get it done. Taking a regular walk, for instance, means that her day won’t feel “right” or complete unless she’s done it. This is a great way to help make regular activity a part of your senior’s life.


Activity Routines

Life isn’t all about the things that you have to do. Your senior needs to do some things that she wants to do, too. Hobbies and other activities that your elderly family member enjoys are important, so they need to be worked into her day and week. There might be a regular reading group she meets with, for instance. That becomes a part of her routine.


Weekend Routines

If every day is exactly the same, then life becomes boring very quickly. On the weekends, your elderly family member might enjoy a slightly different routine. That may mean that you adjust her regular schedule just a little bit to accommodate that need.


Bedtime Routines

A solid bedtime routine helps your senior to wind down from her day and it gives her body a chance to naturally ease into sleep. Going to bed around the same time every day can help her to get the sleep that she needs, especially in conjunction with a regular wake-up time.

Managing these different routines don’t need to be complicated, either. Elder care providers can help you to establish and maintain these different routines.

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