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How do we become a client?

Call us directly, or fill out our online assessment tool to get started. Our nursing staff will work with you, your family or representatives to develop a plan of care that meets your individualized needs. To start the homecare process, we will come to your home to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have.Please click here to see Get Started.

When is the office staff available for phone calls?

Brighthope Homecare office staff are available for calls Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. For issues that arise afterhours or on weekends, our on call staff are ready to meet your needs 24/7.

Can I make changes to the schedule if I have an appointment?

Yes, you can change your schedule. We just ask that you give us sufficient notice by calling our office. Any cancellations, or changes with less than a 24-hours notice will still be subject to payment.

How to select your caregivers?

Brighthope Homecare takes care of screening potential caregivers, background checks, skill evaluation and training. In addition, we provide ongoing supervision to our caregivers, help the caregivers deal with difficult family situations or changing needs, and provide back-up if a regular caregiver is not available.

What happens if my caregiver calls out sick?

We will provide a back-up caregiver.

Why should I use Brighthope Homecare rather than hire a caregiver?

When you hire a caregiver directly, you need to consider all the tax and liability issues. As an employer, you are responsible for filing payroll taxes, tax forms, and verifying that the employee can legally work in the United States. If you pay $1,900 or more in wages in 2014 to any one employee, you need to withhold and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. If you pay more than $1,000 in wages in 2014, you need to pay unemployment taxes. In addition, a private caregiver may not carry his or her own liability insurance or workers’ compensation. If an accident occurs on the job, you could be responsible.

Going through Brighthope Homecare eliminates the burden of taxes, liability, and other cumbersome administration issues. Brighthope Homecare takes care of screening the employees, doing background checks, and providing insurance. In addition, we provide ongoing supervision to our caregivers, help the caregivers deal with difficult family situations or changing needs, and provide back-up support if a regular caregiver is not available.

Do I pay for the initial client assessment.?

No. Initial client assessment is complimentary (Free).

What are my payment options for home care services?

Knowing how to pay for home care can be confusing. In many cases, there are financial options that can help lessen the burden, and many people find that homecare works out to be the most affordable assisted living option. Options to help with affordability include:

  • Private pay
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Veteran’s assistance
  • Medicare or Medicaid (At this time, Brighthope Homecare is not a Medicare provider.)

Who supervises the caregivers and monitor the quality of the care?

Brighthope Homecare is co-owned by a physician who will be an active participant in the care of all clients. Also, a Registered Nurse and Care Manager will be directly responsible for client care supervision. Supervision is performed by any of the following methods: communication with the client, direct observation, or visit audits.

What types of services do you offer?

Please see the Our Services link

Who does Brighthope Homecare serve?

Please see the Who we serve link

What are the minimum number of hours I can receive support from Brighthope Homecare?

Our preference will be a minimum of 3+hours per caregiver visit.

What if I live outside the Northern Virginia area?

At this time we only serve clients in Northern Virginia, but looking to expand our service area in the future.

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