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How to Help Your Senior Start and Stick with an Exercise Plan

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | January 24, 2019

Elder Care in Fairfax VA: Stick with an Exercise Plan

Exercise is vital for your senior to stay healthy, but she may have a hard time starting and sticking with an exercise routine. That’s definitely normal and it’s something you can help her manage. Try some of these ideas after you talk to her doctor about whether it’s safe for her to star exercising.

Keep Moving on Her “To Do” List

When your elderly family member keeps exercise and the concept of moving more in the forefront, she’s more likely to stick with it. Make exercise a priority for your senior by including it in her list of things to do each day. There are other things that you can do, too, that help her to enjoy having that item on her radar every day.

Keep Exercise Fun

If exercise isn’t fun, nobody is going to do it, even the most diehard gym rat. For your senior, start out with exercises and activities that she enjoys doing. If she’s a social person, then joining an exercise class might be a great idea. For people who like more sedentary activities, mixing those with exercise can be highly effective. Your senior might listen to audiobooks while she walks on a treadmill or watch favorite shows while lifting light weights.

Shake Things up Now and Again

As much as it helps to stick with one particular exercise, your senior also benefits from some variety. Try a new activity now and again, either together or alone. If your aging family member exercises at home now, she might enjoy joining a gym for a couple of months, for instance. If she’s worried about getting to a class or a gym session, eliminate worry about transportation by hiring home care providers. Any time you can eliminate excuses, that gives your senior a leg up.

Plan for Down Time

No one sticks with a perfect exercise plan all the time. Your senior is going to have times during which she needs to take a break, recover, or even go on vacation. When she gets back, it’s important for her to have a plan for getting back to her exercise routine. Writing herself a motivational note about how far she’s come can help. Or she might want to sign up for a new exercise class right after her break.

If you find that you’re running into difficulties with your senior’s exercise plan, remember to talk to her doctor about what’s going on. Keeping her doctor involved ensures that your elderly family member is getting the right amount of exercise for her so that she can stay as healthy as possible.

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