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What Can You Do When Your Senior Feels Like She’s a Burden?

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | January 19, 2018

Caregiver Springfield VA

It’s quite common for aging adults to feel as if caring for them is a burden for other family members. Your senior may even voice this concern to you at some point. This can be upsetting for you to hear, as well, because chances are that you don’t worry about the effort you put into being her caregiver.


Caregiver Springfield VA

Caregiver Springfield VA: Caring

Talk with Her about Why She’s Feeling This Way

At first, you might want to brush these kinds of statements away, but it’s important to talk about them with your aging family member. Ask her why she’s saying these types of things and why she’s feeling this way. There might be something that she’s misinterpreting or worried about that isn’t an issue at all. Sometimes talking about the situation can help to fully clear the air. Until you ask her about the origin of these feelings, you can’t help her move past them.

Look at How Her Days Are Structured

It’s possible that your senior doesn’t have enough to occupy her mind and therefore she’s focusing on other issues, such as whether she’s asking too much of you and other family members. Take a look at whether your senior has activities to enjoy, whether she’s socializing, and how she’s eating. She may need to visit her doctor as well, especially if you’re planning on starting an exercise routine.

Help Her to Feel Useful

The more useful that your senior feels, the less likely she’ll be to feel as if she’s a burden to anyone at all. Is there something that your elderly family member can teach you? Or is it possible that you could involve her more in the normal daily activities going on around her? Sometimes caregivers can do too much for their aging adults. It’s well-intentioned, but it can leave your senior feeling uncomfortable.

Consider Hiring Elder Care Providers for Company

You might feel at first as if you need to be doing more for your elderly family member. But it’s possible that what you really need to do is to delegate some of the things you do for her to another person. Elder care providers can help out with companionship and light household tasks. As you’re able to relax a little more, your senior might start to relax as well.

Talking to a counselor or therapist might help your elderly family member, too. Find out if she’s open to the idea and then set up an appointment.

Excerpt: Your aging adult might sometimes make statements about not wanting to be a burden to you or to other people. But you might find that denying that she’s a burden might not have much of an effect. Try these ideas.

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