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Four Signs that Driving Is a Problem

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | November 21, 2018

Homecare in Springfield VA: Signs Driving Is a Problem


If your elderly family member is still driving, you need to be aware of how safe she may be behind the wheel. Looking for red flags involving your senior’s ability to drive is never fun, but it’s a necessary part of being her caregiver and trying your best to keep her as safe as possible.


Your Senior’s Health Is Worsening

Whether your elderly family member has a chronic health issue that is getting worse or her overall health is suffering, this is a big problem. This could put her in a situation in which she’s unable to control the car while driving and that would be awful. If you’ve got concerns about how her existing health issues affect her ability to drive, schedule a talk with her doctor.


She’s Taking Medications that Could Affect Her Driving

Even if health issues aren’t the problem, medications to help your senior to deal with health concerns can be an issue on their own. Medications have side effects and those side effects can be significant if she’s taking multiple medications. This is something else that you can talk with her doctor about if you’re feeling concerned.


Your Senior’s Driving Is Getting Worse

Have you paid attention to your senior’s driving? If so, you might be seeing habits that let you know that she’s not driving as well as she once did. For instance, she may be speeding more often or ignoring traffic laws. She could also be getting moving violations or her car may display damage that wasn’t there before.


You Don’t Know Anything about Your Senior’s Driving

Even worse than your senior’s driving getting out of hand is not knowing how your senior drives at all. One option may be to schedule a driving evaluation for your elderly family member. Many driving schools offer this service and once you have an evaluation done you can get a full picture of your senior’s ability to drive. It helps that this is a third-party situation because it allows you to have an impartial opinion from someone else.

If you’re noticing these or other signs that your elderly family member might not be doing well behind the wheel, it’s time to have a conversation with her. Offer her alternatives to driving herself, such as allowing elder care providers to take the wheel. This gives her a way to keep going where she needs to go without driving herself.


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As a physician who lives and serves in Northern Virginia, I have come to know several people who at some time in their life needed home care services. In my office I hear stories of good and bad experiences and I desired to offer something better – a company that would serve as a blessing to the clients we serve by providing them with reliable, quality, and compassionate care. Having served as a primary care physician, I understand the needs of patients and their family who often times do not have the assistance they desperately need. So I have created a company that delivers on providing peace of mind, recovery time, a lending hand, a stress free environment, and a constant companion.

As a native of the Washington, DC, I have truly enjoyed working in this area and volunteering my time in a variety of social and civic organizations in DC, MD and VA. I feel is it important to give back to your community and be of service to others.

I also believe in the importance of living healthy and having emotional stability and peace of mind. As a local physician and health coach I will add a sense of confidence, trust, and expertise unlike any other home care agency.

I work hard everyday at Brighthope Homecare to do what I do best – care for those in need and make a positive impact in the lives of our clients!

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