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Four Ways to Ease the Stress of Caring for a Person With Alzheimer’s

By Dr. Uchechi Wosu Isirimah – Owner | July 05, 2018

Home Health Care in Vienna VA: Caring For A Person With Alzheimer's

In the U.S., there are more than 16 million people providing unpaid senior care to someone with Alzheimer’s. Most caregivers spend an average of four years providing that care. About one-quarter provide care for at least five years.

For those providing care, 42 percent of them are caring for an aging parent. Almost half own their own home and drive to another house to provide that care. Many have reported that personal activities decline by more than 25 percent while caring for another person. For the unpaid caregiver, the stress of family care can be too much. Ease stress before it becomes overwhelming by using these techniques.

Get Outside and Stretch

Make sure you get outside each day. Enjoy the fresh air. Bring your parent for a walk if possible. A stroll around the yard or gardens is a good start. Exercise will help you clear your mind and improve your mood.

Exercise is good for you and your parent. Outings in a quiet location are beneficial. Avoid crowds that may cause agitation. Instead, aim for a historic home that has spacious gardens and paths you can explore. Many have fenced yards, so this is ideal for keeping your mom or dad safe while you enjoy a day together.

Prepare Yourself

As Francis Bacon’s saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” offers online courses that help you prepare for the different stages of Alzheimer’s. If you’re providing Alzheimer’s care, these courses are essential. They’re free and done at your pace.

Split Caregiving Duties

If you have siblings, split up caregiving duties. If one of you works from home and can schedule flexible hours, that person will be helpful on appointment days. If one of you loves to cook, that person is ideal for preparing meals for the week. Create a weekly chore list and make sure the tasks are divided as equally as possible.

Take 30 Minutes to Yourself

Ideally, you’ll want at least 30 minutes of time where you’re left alone each day. If you can get more time, great, but you should aim for 30 minutes. Talk a walk. Go for a drive. Sit in a bubble bath. Curl up in a tranquil area to read or meditate.

You may need to arrange respite care. It’s important that you have this time to yourself. For an hour each day, you could let a caregiver take over. That’s one of the many ways senior care services will help with Alzheimer’s care. Call now to learn more.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Health Care in Vienna, VA, please contact the caring staff at BrightHope Home Care and Senior Care today. Call us at 703-595-2878  ~ We serve all of Northern VA.



As a physician who lives and serves in Northern Virginia, I have come to know several people who at some time in their life needed home care services. In my office I hear stories of good and bad experiences and I desired to offer something better – a company that would serve as a blessing to the clients we serve by providing them with reliable, quality, and compassionate care. Having served as a primary care physician, I understand the needs of patients and their family who often times do not have the assistance they desperately need. So I have created a company that delivers on providing peace of mind, recovery time, a lending hand, a stress free environment, and a constant companion.

As a native of the Washington, DC, I have truly enjoyed working in this area and volunteering my time in a variety of social and civic organizations in DC, MD and VA. I feel is it important to give back to your community and be of service to others.

I also believe in the importance of living healthy and having emotional stability and peace of mind. As a local physician and health coach I will add a sense of confidence, trust, and expertise unlike any other home care agency.

I work hard everyday at Brighthope Homecare to do what I do best – care for those in need and make a positive impact in the lives of our clients!

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